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  • Salvador Maxwell Carrillo Whole plate

    Posted April 21st, 2012

    Finally got around to making my first whole plate daguerreotype and I thought it would be amazing to have a image of my 7 week old son.  It took about 4 hours to get this shot and I had to shoot during one of his naps.  I have yet to nail down the perfect iodine/bromine mix yet but I managed to get the exposure down to one minute.  I am also still developing my buffing technique but on this occasion only the random orbital was used.

    This was shot using the Dallmeyer 3A , 1minute exposure using 1 450watt cfl with a softbox and a mole richardson solar spot.

    Iodine at 7 minutes to sepia/rose color, bromine at 2 minutes and then back over the iodine for 4 minutes. My boxes do not fume a whole plate very well and there was a definite hotspot over the first iodine but is not that obvious in the final image. This was scanned using the insert for the mercury pot to leave an airspace on the scanner bed. Looks like the glass was not very clean