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  • Posted April 17th, 2013

    Patrick Wright makes still photographs and video. He shot a video early featuring the wet plate process that I have been working with since late 2009. My life has changed drastically in the past few years since the original video. I have become a citizen of these United States of America, I now call myself a photographer, I became father to a beautiful baby boy, and recently purchased a house that turned into an almost complete remodel. Eesh….

    I have slowly been trying to transition from shooting portraits with collodion to shooting mostly daguerreotypes. I prefer the shiny, jewel-like, almost holographic quality that can be achieved. Over a year, my persistence with the process has led to to decent results. Early on, results were less than satisfactory and light years behind the 19th century daguerreotypes to keep me humble.

    Last month, Patrick approached me to make another video so he set up Miranda Lilley to sit for the photograph and Naomi Rincon to do hair and Makeup. It took about 6 hours to get the footage and another evening of Patrick asking me questions and getting the audio. I am always more comfortable just working and keeping my mouth shut but the questions Patrick asked me really made stop and think about why I make daguerreotypes. The easy answer is the simple challenge of it all but as it turns out, I like the idea of my art outliving and thriving long after I am gone.

    Thanks Patrick for all your hard work and the many hours you invested in the making of this awesome video and for making me stop and think about what I am doing!