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    Commissions are welcome.  I specialize in two of the most archival and unique forms of photography.  The plates I create are nurtured into existence and require much skill, time, and energy.   Anyone interested in being captured in a timeless and unique way  must understand that there is nothing fast about the way I take pictures.   I have almost 13 years experience with the wet plate collodion technique and have shot a few thousand plates.  I am most comfortable with this process and I get good results.   Although I have just started with daguerreotype process,  the first viable photographic system, it is the most fascinating to me.  I believe it to be the  most beautiful form of photography ever invented and my devotion to the process is very strong.   Photographic historian and conservation expert Grant Romer once said:

         “Photography was born perfect, and has been going downhill ever since.” 

    Although my results are not up to the 19th century standards, I get good results in comparison and hope to improve my techniques and methods to achieve something very close.  I am always open to having studio visits to see examples of what you will be getting.

    I ask $4000 dollars for events and $1000 per sitting for tintypes.  Glass plates are double the price.  I do not do daguerreotype commissions

     I reserve all copyrights to every image I make although your privacy will be respected. Copy rights can also be purchased if interested otherwise photo credit with my full name must accompany any photographs that I have created.

    Email: daclotype@daniel-carrillo.com