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    Commissions are welcome.  I specialize in two of the most archival and unique forms of photography.  The plates I create are nurtured into existence and require much skill, time, and energy.   Anyone interested in being captured in a timeless and unique way  must understand that there is nothing fast about the way I take pictures.   I have almost 3 years experience with the wet plate collodion technique and have shot a few thousand plates.  I am most comfortable with this process and I get good results.   Although I have just started with daguerreotype process,  the first viable photographic system, it is the most fascinating to me.  I believe it to be the  most beautiful form of photography ever invented and my devotion to the process is very strong.   Photographic historian and conservation expert Grant Romer once said:

         “Photography was born perfect, and has been going downhill ever since.” 

    Although my results are not up to the 19th century standards, I get good results in comparison and hope to improve my techniques and methods to achieve something very close.  I am always open to having studio visits to see examples of what you will be getting.


    – Ambrotypes are priced per session and daguerreotypes are priced per plate.
    – $250 additional fee for location shoots within 30 miles of Downtown Seattle(wet plate only and smaller than whole plate format)
    – Additional hours will be billed at $150 per hour

    In state commissions and sales are invoiced by Greg Kucera Gallery.

    Finished artwork can be picked up at:
    Greg Kucera Gallery
    212 Third Avenue S. Seattle, WA
    Sunday + Monday Tues-Saturday 10:30-5:30
    Tel.# 206-624-07710 Fax# 206-624-4031

    Wet Plate Collodion(ambrotypes)

    – 11 x 14 inch plate(in studio only)————————————————————————–$1500.00

    -8 x 10 inch plate (in studio only) & Whole plate, 6.5 x 8.5 inches(in the field)————–$900.00

    – Half Plate, 4.25 x 5.5 inches———————————————————————————-$500.00
    -Quarter plate, 3.25 x 4.25 inches—————————————————————————-300.00

    All plates shot during the  2 hour session.  Not all plates will be keepers.  Any rejected plates will be destroyed.  Plates will be varnished and ready for pickup no less than 3 days after the session.



    In studio only and require 2 week advance notice to allow for preparation of plates

    – Whole plate, 6.5 x 8.5 inches——————————————————————————–$1200.00

    – Half plate, 4.25 x 5.5 inches———————————————————————————-$900.00

    -Quarter plate, 3.25  x 4.25 inches—————————————————————————$600.00

    -Sixth plate, 2.75 x 3.25 inches——————————————————————————–$300.00

    Prices are per daguerreotype plate.  Rejected plates  will be re-polished and reused.  Images will be put under an archival cover glass within 24 hours of the shoot to allow for safe handling and viewing.  

    If you would like your daguerreotype in a traditional case, they are still manufactured by a few skilled craftsman and can be ordered in whole, half, quarter, sixth plate, and custom sizes. I work at a frame shop and can offer a 20% discount if you would like your plate(s) framed.

     I reserve all copyrights to every image I make although your privacy will be respected. Copy rights can also be purchased if interested otherwise photo credit with my full name must accompany any photographs that I have created.

    Email: daclotype@daniel-carrillo.com
    Twitter: @daclotype
    Facebook:  daclotype